RIO WOLTA - No More Intimate Music

Musician and author from Zurich. Born 1988. Survived his teens in the Swiss Alps. Formed the first band at the age of 15. Moved back to Zurich at the age of 20. Learned big words at universities in Berlin and Zurich. Works in Zurich.

No More Intimate Music

9th November 2018
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Video 1/5: Mondrian

1. Intro 7:58
2. Encore 5:17
3. Bullet 4:28
4. Mondrian 3:53
5. Every Time The Sun Comes Up 4:43
6. Teenage 5:53
7. Franz Wolta 4:25
8. Satellite Star 6:09

written and produced by Rio Wolta
the band Fabian Eichin, Patrick Wallimann
Sereina Maria Elmer, Patrik Schmid, Mario Kummer
recording Helge van Dyk, Daniel Hobi
recording assistant Richard Haschke
mixing Daniel Hobi
mastering Dan Suter
cover photo Lea Meienberg

video credits
actress Marie-Anne Hafner
cinematography Stefan Dux
sound design Daniel Hobi
directors Piet Baumgartner, Rio Wolta

album release shows
22/11 - Gessnerallee Zürich - TICKETS
23/11 - Gessnerallee Zürich - TICKETS
24/11 - Gessnerallee Zürich - TICKETS

with the support of
Stadt Zürich Kultur
Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung
Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur
Migros Kulturprozent