RIO WOLTA - current

Musician and author from Zurich. Born 1988. Survived his teens in the Swiss Alps. Formed the first band at the age of 15. Moved back to Zurich at the age of 20. Learned big words at universities in Berlin and Zurich. Works in Zurich.


MAY / JUNE 2018
Recording, Recording, Recording
w/ Daniel Hobi, Helge van Dyk, Richard Haschke
Faverolles FRA and Zurich CH

JUNE / JULY 2018
Artist in Residence
Hôtel Sainte Valière
Sainte-Valière / Narbonne FRA

Taipei Arts Festival
Exchange Seminar by ProHelvetia
Taipei TWN


 © Rio Wolta / Faverolles FRA

© Rio Wolta / Faverolles FRA